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50 million people do it every week

That’s the tag line for a documentary about the New York Times crossword puzzle, that I just watched. Wordplay is truly an entertaining film. The people who are reallyreally good at crosswords are, to say the least, characters (check out the bios in the “players” section of the film site). The people who write them are very talented. I’ve never been very good at them but Ricardo has some impressive talent when it comes to solving the cryptics.

And if you think you’re good at the crossword, try your luck here.


i am van cleef!

I mentioned my fondness for the work of Bud Spencer a couple of weeks ago. Today I was listening to ‘The Big Gundown’ a collection of reggae songs inspired by spaghetti westerns. The final track, by Joe White and the Crystalites, is ‘They Call Me Trinity’; this is after the first of the ‘Trinity’ films starring Spencer and Terence Hill. And yes, ‘Trinity Is Still My Name’ is the sequel.

Googling King Stitt, who provides ‘Lee Van Cleef’ on the album, led me to the discovery that the original il cattivo appears to have his own myspace page, just like Bud. Is myspace where spaghetti westerners go to die?

That legend holds the films were banned in Jamaica because audiences were shooting at the screen is no surprise. I once read that in the Biafran war soldiers were treated to screenings of ‘The Wild Bunch’, and subsequently went into battle determined to die like William Holden.