roissy and the wolfman …

…and the stevewoman should write a paper together. The way I read it, Roissy is providing some testable predictions that flow from the latters’ hedonic marriage hypothesis.

[Unrelated: when Varnson and I were grad students, Wolfers had almost cult status. Not a week seemed to go by without another interesting paper of his surfacing, or an insightful op-ed he’d written appearing. Then we’d go to his home page at Stanford GSB and see this picture of an Australian surfer dude. Slowly we cultivated the myth of Wolfers, until he was a Olympian figure who could bench press 300lbs with his left pinkie while writing AER papers and gargling Castlemaine XXXX.

By the time we left grad school we’d developed a shorthand. We’d see our ‘contemporary’ (different university, same time) mentioned in yet another article in The Economist, narrow our eyes and mutter “Wolfers..”, just as Seinfeld did with Newman.]


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