a free lunch

A friend of mine defended his PhD at the University of Toronto today. As he was sitting outside the examination room while the committee deliberated, he noticed another candidate waiting to start her defense. Her supervisor came out of one of the rooms and told her they would begin shortly. Then he said, “Before we start I need you to get me and the rest of the committee some sandwiches for lunch.” My friend, first thinking this was a joke but quickly realizing it wasn’t, was dumbfounded. The poor woman gathered her notes up, zipped up her backpack and wandered off to find this guy his tunafish on rye. Unbelievable. 


One thought on “a free lunch

  1. Peter

    This is clearly the act of a person with the self-awareness of a gnat. Not
    all academics are childish, mean, and petty, but this guy seems to be.

    It contrasts quite starkly with one of my favourite stories about Rawls. As
    the story goes, Rawls was an examiner during a defense one morning. As it
    happened, the sun shone directly into the eyes of the candidate, causing no
    amount of distraction. Rawls, an unusually tall and lanky man, spent the
    remainder of the defense shifting his chair to remain between the light and
    the student. This is the proper act of a good person.


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