immaculate desertion

Jean Lapierre has left politics. Again. He’s left for a cushy Quebec media job. Again. I wonder if he’ll return some day. When it comes to his loyalties, the Bloc is next in the rotation. In a last bit of metaphorical advice for his new, and soon to be ex, boss, Lapierre counsels him to:

…allow the party to re-establish its virginity.

Lapierre has made a career of shifting back and forth across political boundaries that to most seem uncrossable, so why not virginity too? Though the choice of terminology seems slightly ironic coming from the greatest political slut since this guy.His slithering retreat from politics was nicely predicted by Wells two months ago:

You know what this means, don’t you. If the motion “recognizing” the Quebec “nation” (Hey, aren’t you the Quebec nation? I recognize you!) fails at the…leadership convention… why…why, Jean Lapierre might — oh, I don’t know — wear a black armband! He might… walk out on the Liberal party! He might……. become a talk-radio host…… drawing his MP’s pension while he badmouths the political class of one, two or more nations every morning…… until 15 years from now, when another dashing shipping magnate and heir to the family tradition of flattery and ward heeling enters politics and recruits Jean Lapierre as his star Quebec recruit, as the living emblem of the Liberal party’s reconciliation with Quebec nationalism. Because it worked so freaking well the first two times.


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