judge cohen is a schmuck

Marion Cohen, a Toronto judge, has ordered the Christmas tree removed from the lobby of a provincial courthouse. Quoting the Globe story, Judge Cohen feels that the tree is “a Christian symbol that would make non-Christians attending the courthouse feel unwelcome.” This is, of course—how do I put this mildly?—nonsense.

Faithful (no pun intended) reader(s) of this blog have probably noted that Varnson is a Jewish name. As a Jew (full disclosure: in the words of Woody, I was born of the Hebrew persuasion, but I converted to narcissism), I have no problem with Christmas trees, though I prefer the proper term “Channukah bush.” And it seems to me that this obese character the goyim think lives at the North Pole, bears a striking resemblance to the Channukah Man, who lives in Brooklyn. Anyway, political correctness went too far long ago. This is just another example. But my question is how far Judge Cohen would take her relativism when hearing cases.


One thought on “judge cohen is a schmuck

  1. lance

    the tree is still banned to the boonies at the court house… I wonder if Judge Cohen would allow a Sikh officer to wear his turban into her court – a religious symbol. Just goes to show that even Judges aren’t necessarily born with common sense and we wonder why the courts are in such terrible shape with this type of thought process being allowed to blossom..


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