dion’s start

I am a fan of Stéphane Dion. He’s smart, decent and will, I think, be a formidable challenge to Harper in the election. However, two bits of news from the nascent Dion captaincy strike me as ominous. First, in response to the Tories, he has pledged to reinstate the Canadian Wheat Board. Clearly this is an attempt to win votes in the West. But continued protectionism on behalf of rent seeking farmers is too high a price to pay for votes in the West. Second, there is talk of Dion installing Pablo Rodriguez as his Québec lieutenant. Rodriguez, Ignatieff’s Québec campaign chair, was one of the bright lights behind the Ignatieff-led motion for the Liberal Party to recognize Québec as a nation. In other words he is foolish at best and Dion can do better. On the other hand, almost anything would be an improvement over Jean I’m a federa…no wait a sovere…no on third thought…a federalist Lapierre.


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